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HTID - Hardcore Til I Die. A term used to describe one's sheer devotion and commitment to the Hardcore music scene. Originally believed to have been coined by DJ Hixxy, a popular Hardcore DJ. Now a rave promoter in it's own right, HTID with it's angel logo and Hardcore Til I Die wording are instantly recognisable to all those involved in the rave scene. They hold events all across England and also as far afield as Spain. HTID, for many people, is a way of life and HTIDer's are often fiercely proud of their status. At one point the future of the Hardcore scene was somewhat uncertain. Today it is as alive as ever with ravers old and new holding a special place in their heart for HTID. So that's all there is to say on the matter. Oh yeah, and HTID baby!!
Picture the scene: You're in the queue for a massive rave held by a top promoter like, I don't know, Slammin Vinyl. Everyone's excited, horns and whistles are blowing like mad and shouts and screams of excitement ripple through the crowd in a mexican wave fashion. You turn around and a stranger, dressed in Nike tracky bottoms and a white Nike t shirt says, "Y'alrite babe, what are you here for?" You, standing there in your UV yellow and orange cyber hotpants and halterneck, fluffies and full on glittery make up, say "Oh, it's all about the Hardcore mate!" He replies, "Nah, nah. I don't mind a bit of hardcore but I'm more of a DnB head myself." You then say "Fair play mate but me? I'm HTID!!"
by Fauve May 29, 2008

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