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Someone who has sex with animals. Derived from a combination of fauna (animals) and fornicate (to have sex outside of marriage).

Opposite to Fauna Fan; someone who loves animals in the much nicer, traditional sense.
Joe was a Faunacator, who loved his dog a lot more than he should have. Fauna Fans rejected him from their clubs after that.
by Fauna Fan October 17, 2007
Someone who loves animals (in a nice way).
Opposite to Faunacator (who loves animals in the naughty way.)
1. Sally was a fauna fan who worked at a zoo and spent her spare time fundraising for wild animals. Jim was a fauna fan too, but he lived on the moon, so his menagerie consisted of two robotic goldfish and a wall full of animal posters.

2. I'd rather be a fauna fan than a fauna-cator.
by Fauna Fan October 17, 2007

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