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3 definitions by Fattyface

Term describing a very beautiful yet outspoken woman.
1: Who's that gorgeous girl over there? She never talks.
2: Don't know her name, but she's obviously morango.
by Fattyface February 04, 2009
Someone who you have so much in common with, it's a wonder you aren't clones. Or at least twins.
1: Wow that person reminds me of you all the time!
2: Yeah, they're basically my twinclone.
by Fattyface March 01, 2010
Derived from a legendary artist, this term refers to artists who improve quickly over a short period of time to become amazing in their trade; usually oekaki and manga artists.
1: "Wow, last time I saw a drawing of his, it totally sucked! This is amazing!"
2: "Yeah, he's become quite an Endrian!"
by Fattyface August 15, 2009