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A two person job that involves backhanding a male in the scrotum and then pushing him over a third person who is positioned behind him.
"Tim is such a jack-ass...I think it's time to drop a table/bag combo on him."
by Fatts58 October 23, 2006
Short, puffy pants worn in Shakespearian times; usually worn by men; popularized in modern times by the great Robs.
"Can't stop Rob's slops."
by Fatts58 October 23, 2006
Space in the back of most vans and SUVs behind the last seat(s). When travelling with too many passengers, this place is reserved for anyone who has done something to annoy or anger the group (or for whoever has the least authority).
"Beeps decided to mouth off to the driver so he has to sit in the gayback."
by Fatts58 October 23, 2006
Term used when someone is annoying you by talking; used when someone says something unecessary or stupid; used simply to annoy. Pronounced bah-lisch (as if you had a lisp).
Q:"Hey did you know that 70% of the Earth's surface is water?"

by Fatts58 October 23, 2006
Word used by pink Koopas (the dinosaur things that shoot eggs and other things)in Super Mario Bros.2 when they spit out an object; pronounced like the word of the same spelling that means "to kneel in front of an authority figure"; multipurpose word that can be used for any reply or remark in any situation.
"What is that thing out in the street?" -Jane

"I think it's a bow, but I'm not sure." -John
by Fatts58 October 23, 2006
The act of pushing someone from the front so that they trip over something behind them. Works great when someone gets down on their hand and knees behind another person and a third person pushes the other standing person from the front. table/bag combo
"Go kneel behind Beeps so I can table him."

"A great way to piss him off would be to table him."
by Fatts58 October 23, 2006

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