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Literally means 'Theres a bear outside my window! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!' This surname was created in India when paranoid Indians when asleep thought large grizzly bears were trying to get into their rooms via the window.
Person 1 (when asleep): Aaaaahhhhh! Theres a bear outside my window!
Person 2 (to person 3): What the hell did jay just say?
Person 3 (to person 2): Didn't you know, thats jay BHUTTAE.
Person 2: Oh sorry, i didnt know that.
by Fatkins Diet February 11, 2009
From the greek name Φιλιππος (philippos) which means "friend of horses". Though modern english translation now means 'lover of horses'. When combined with Atkin (Meaning consumer of meat from the penis of an animal), it means lover of horses penises, and after the 'lovin sesh' the horses penis will be consumed by the person.
Person 1: What the hell is that person doing to that horses penis?
Person 2: Oh don't worry, thats just Philip Atkin
by Fatkins Diet February 11, 2009
The combination of Jonny, which simply means condom, and Purvis meaning pervert, it is a person that perverses over people, but does use a condom. This is quite a new era of perverts, but is a step up from the original non-condom using perverts.
That lad has just gone and done a Jonny Purvis, that girl didn't see what was coming!
by Fatkins Diet February 11, 2009
The act of having a wank whilst on the shitter
Person 1: "Bhuttae, stop panking!!!"
Bhuttae: "Mate im having a DANGER pank!!!
by Fatkins Diet February 16, 2010
Commonly known as Boukabaza, Bazooka, Babooshka, Boukhobza literally means 'doors it, double it, doors it'. The underling meaning of this saying is unknown, but is used in many various contexts. Generally speaking the catchphrase of a person with the surname Boukhobza is 'Doors it double it doors it'.
Person 1: Hey Boukhobza lets go out tonight!
Boukhobza: Doors it double it doors it!

by Fatkins Diet February 11, 2009
Szwaba takes its name from the 'Szwaba effect' which was the floating excrement (or fart) which repulsed most people so forced them to label people who gave off this effect.
Oh god, here comes the Szwaba effect!

Person 1: Whats that smell?
Martin Szwaba: Oh thats just the Szwaba effect.
by Fatkins Diet February 11, 2009
A consumer of meat from the penis of an animal.
The name Philip Atkin would mean Philip Penis Meat Eater.
by Fatkins Diet February 10, 2009

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