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Sweet, perfect, good, I concur my good man, Wow, Outta sight! DAYUUUUM

Closely affiliated with boys of the Suburban variety.
Common exclamation of excitement.
"Reid, shut up."
"Zayuuuuum.. ok."
by Fatigan February 14, 2007
-New to the area, relatively
-How you say.. trunk is void of all junk
-The boy can dance (see "Zayuuum")
-Other half of his black friend Toemas
-Known for expressing his inner angst through the "trrr" (see Suburban Boys)
-Occasionaly prone to Narcolepsy
-Sweet crib
-Uncle who bears an uncanny resemblance to a popular Country singer.. nice.
-Skimmin fo life, that's riiiight.
-Girls flock to him like fat kids to a cupcake
-Frequently inquires as to what is really good with his companions
-Bascially just the man, we love.
Adoring female fan (one of many): "DJ Jam Jam, what's up?"
Jamie: "Can't."

by Fatigan February 14, 2007
To, how you say, piss your pants.
Only a little bit though
Enough to be cute, something to laugh about

A miniscule, adorable amount of urine released into the pants.
"Omgz.. I just piddled in my panties."

"Kristen, did you just make a piddle?"
by Fatigan February 14, 2007

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