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3 definitions by Fatigan

Sweet, perfect, good, I concur my good man, Wow, Outta sight! DAYUUUUM

Closely affiliated with boys of the Suburban variety.
Common exclamation of excitement.
"Reid, shut up."
"Zayuuuuum.. ok."
by Fatigan February 14, 2007
127 23
-New to the area, relatively
-How you say.. trunk is void of all junk
-The boy can dance (see "Zayuuum")
-Other half of his black friend Toemas
-Known for expressing his inner angst through the "trrr" (see Suburban Boys)
-Occasionaly prone to Narcolepsy
-Sweet crib
-Uncle who bears an uncanny resemblance to a popular Country singer.. nice.
-Skimmin fo life, that's riiiight.
-Girls flock to him like fat kids to a cupcake
-Frequently inquires as to what is really good with his companions
-Bascially just the man, we love.
Adoring female fan (one of many): "DJ Jam Jam, what's up?"
Jamie: "Can't."

by Fatigan February 14, 2007
3 5
To, how you say, piss your pants.
Only a little bit though
Enough to be cute, something to laugh about

A miniscule, adorable amount of urine released into the pants.
"Omgz.. I just piddled in my panties."

"Kristen, did you just make a piddle?"
by Fatigan February 14, 2007
17 24