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Short for playboy. "Playbes" can be used to describe anything or anyone in any form. The Purpose of the word Playbes is to confuse others as to the subject of you conversation, or when you just want to be an idiot.
"check out those playbes accross the street"


"Did you pick up the playbes from johnny's house?


"hey, your playbes are showing."
by Father Time June 18, 2006
Forever. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . plus. . . . . . . . . one
we've been eating tacos for foreveron
by Father time October 08, 2005
a human being who inhales much marijuana smoke foreveron
That big goober is a potalot.
by Father time October 08, 2005
a man or woman, depending on reproductive systems, who nay smoketh thy pipeth of weedeth.
That geek is a notapot.
by Father time October 08, 2005
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