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A male still in possesion of his reproductive system who has sex with other peoples mothers. Such as from American Pie 1, 2, and Wedding the character Finch has sex with Stiflers Mom. He would be called an othermotherfucker because he had sex with someones elses mother.
Dude, that motherfucker isnt just a motherfucker, he's an othermotherfucker!
by Father Christmas November 27, 2004
After preforming a Wet Danny (Posted by Nicky Caesar & Vinnie Cazzo) to add the crammed effect you must do some things. First you must push your penis up into the womens vagina very hard to put her in a vertical position. After that you must get on top of the toilet seat and push her downwards with the continueos thrusts of your penis. You shall not be able to get her far into the toilet but as far as you can get. Now she is quite crammed into the toilet. Now you must flush you toilet and you can add some effect by pissing on her or shitting on her. If you piss on her you can call it a Easily Sliding Cram, and if you shit on her it can be called a Rash Cram.
I asked a prostitute to come over to my house for some hardcore annahilation. She agreed and when she got there, i crammed her nicely.
by Father Christmas November 04, 2004
After cramming someone. To add more effect you shit on top of them. This wont add a sliding effect like the Easily Sliding Cram, all it will do is make the girl hate you more. It will give them a rash if it is on them for to long and most likely give them some disease.
I hated this girl so much so i just did a Rash Cram to her.
by Father Christmas November 04, 2004
After cramming a girl. Mostly all you have to do is add a little urnine to help her slide into the toilet easier. The girl might yell and be mad at the start, but she will thank you later.
Just to make this random girl not be to bad for her. Instead of cramming her. I made it an Easily Sliding Cram.
by Father Christmas November 04, 2004
A.) A male who is still in possesion of his penis who has intercourse with there birth mother. If it is an adopted mother, it is not a mothefucker. It is an adoptedmotherfucker. But i would not call anyone an adoptedmotherfucker who actually was adopted, or they would probably abuse you in the anul.
B.) A term regularily used in "Yo Mamma" jokes.
C.) A term that can be used in the way BIATCH is used. Which is an ending word just to make it more of an exciting sentence.
A.)I motherfucked my mother.

B.) Yo mamma is so fat, but i guess its more cushin for the pushin you motherfucker. I would know cause i fucked yo mamma last night...BIATCH!

C.) Hey dude, whats up...motherfucker.
by Father Christmas November 04, 2004
An adopted male who is still in possesion of there penis who has intercourse with there mother who adopted them....BIATCH!!
I adoptedmotherfucked my mother who adopted me.
by Father Christmas November 04, 2004
Locked Up is when you run upstairs to talk to your parents and the door is locked. That would be considered Locked Out, but in Locked Up, its when the door is locked because your parents are having intercourse. Of course you would not know this unless you could hear the sex noises. Hopfully you can not.
I ran up to my parents room, it was locked. I then put my ear to the door, thats when i noticed i was locked up.
by Father Christmas November 04, 2004

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