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5 definitions by Father

Look at that fecking gobsheen!
by Father October 23, 2003
A chess piece resembling a horse head that can only move in an "L" pattern. It can also be used as an extremely odd shaped butt-plug.
Hey Simon. I'm feeling kinky today. Give me that knight in your chess set.
by Father May 18, 2006
A substitute for a small butt-plug for when the hemorrhoids are flaired.
"Hey Simon, give me the pawns in your chess set. My roids are bad today."
by Father April 20, 2006
A chess piece that can be used to substitute for a butt-plug if the bishops are missing.
"Hey Simon, I lost all your bishops, so I'm taking your queen."
by Father April 20, 2006
A chess piece often used as a butt-plug.
"Hey, Simon, have you seen my butt-plug?"
"No, George, but you can use my spare bishop. They came two for one."
by Father April 20, 2006