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A derogatory term used to describe any Hispanic typically Mexicans that jump a fence to cross the border into the US, but used by ignorant people to describe all Hispanics, when more proper terms can be used like wet back, mojo, beaner, my favorite gardener.
Boarder Patrol Agent 1: Look there are some wetback crossing.
Boarder Patrol Agent 2: We are in Arizona, here they are fence jumpers.
by Fatboi AKA "Wetback" m proud February 10, 2009
A nigga that did something no one thought would be possible. And did what a lot of people thought he would do as soon as he got into office. And will not do what a lot of other nigga and mexican were hoping he would do.
Obama just became president. And he is already fucking up. That what you get for trusting a nigga. When is going to legalize weed???
by Fatboi AKA "Wetback" m proud February 10, 2009

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