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The word orignated in Sydney years ago around the North Shore and seems to have spread Australia wide in a matter of years. There is a suburb named Chatswood in Sydney, the word was first used by a small group of individuals from the North Shore who had a disliking for a group of individuals from Chatswood. So if you were trying to offend your Shorey mate, you would call him Chat, or if you saw something shit, ugly etc, you would call it chat.
*Friend tells lame joke*
"That was chat"
by FatalCure April 17, 2006
Opposite of a lowie

Fridgid bitches that don't put out.
Hey man, that chick is hot but i tried to hook up with her and shes a mad highy.
by FatalCure June 25, 2007
Highies, oppositie of lowies. Frigid bitches.

Coined by Azzz off echild

Man, she is fucking hot but I tried to hook up with her and she is a mad highie.
by FatalCure June 24, 2007

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