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A non-conformist is somebody whos stands up for what they believe despite what anyone thinks. They can buy what a conformist does not because its in and everyone has but just because they like it. They do things for themselves and not to be excepted by society despite being ridiculed for not having Air Force Ones unless they like them. There isn't a store in the mall called the non-conformist store where people go to be different. Non-conformity is all about doing what you want and not listening to others opinions.
Non-Conformist-I just bought the nicest Air-Forces not because everyone has them but because he likes them

Wanna Be Non Conformist-Ew you're such a conformist everyone has those shoes, I made my own shoes because noone has them you're such a follower.

Non-Conformist-If I like them isn't that all that matters, I mean isn't that what being a non-cofformist is all about doing what you wanna do? If I listen to you and don't buy them won't I be conforming to what your idea of a non-conformist is?

by Fat Kid tm June 13, 2006

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