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Talking complete bollocks and rambling on when your completely sober.

Zero understanding about the context.
Jeff: "I bought a shed yesterday because i couldn't be bothered with a green house."

Sally: "What on earth do you mean?"

Jeff: "I'm not sure myself but i need something in the garden to put my garden tools in, and maybe the car if i'm lucky. Or even i could make it a games room."

Sally: "Stop chuffling Jeff and drink your tea i made you 3 hours ago!"

by Fat Jock April 06, 2009
To slap your penis on a persons face.

Mostly ideal when the person is fast asleep.
Joe got pretty drunk at a party and fell asleep on the sofa. Joe's mate; Cedric thought it would be funny if he gave Joe a twank whilst asleep.
by Fat Jock April 06, 2009

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