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A basic human right in the US constitution. Would life really be worth living if you can't blow the brains out of every gay, muslim and black that passes our ranch? How else will gangstas cap whiteys' ass?All that's left is to restore the last important right, the right to arm bears.
70,000 Americans are shot every year. In the UK, where guns are banned, the number is around 5. Which means in the USA you are 14,000 times more likely to be shot each year. If you call that self defense, you better see someone.

The right to bear arms is written here so this can be sent to UD.
by Fat Fee July 02, 2010
A religion that caused the crusades, the age of scientific oppression, homophobia, creationism and plenty of genocides.
The bible contains some rediculous rules:
1. You can't be gay
2. You can't have long hair
3. A woman must serve her husband (i.e a woman is inferior to a man)
4. A woman can't lead
5. Loads more

It's a religion based on fear. Disobey it and you go to hell. It also created creationism, the theory of Noah's ark, both of which have been disproven time and time again yet there's so many idiots following it that they cling to their rediculous beliefs. And it fails to mention that homosexuality is genetic and not a choice.

Don't get me wrong, most Christians are good people but the religion is deeply flawed.
Redneck: Stupid fags ur goin to hell! Follow God or go to hell! Don't vote for Hillary or go to hell! Cut your hair or go to hell! Believe in creationism or go to hell! Follow Christianity or go to hell! Now let's go kill some fuckin' queers and lynch a nigga before we go and blow up the abortion clynic!

Good Christian: 1. Thou shalt not swear 2. Thou shall not kill 3. Respect and love your neighbour

Redneck: (struggles not to shout out he is just a violent ignorant person who needs to vent out his natural anger at everything) Err...Ermmm...Fuck u ur goin ta hayelll!!!
by Fat Fee June 22, 2010
An OK country. Racism is a bit prominent, as is homophobia, and down south you get a lot of redneck bible nuts, but apart from that it's ok.

They have an annoying habit of taking responsibility for British inventions though. The lightbulb, democracy, the internet, the computer, the telephone and you did NOT "save our asses" in 2 world wars. In WW1 you only helped just before it ended in 1918, and in WW2 you joined late and only actually sent alot of troops to help us in 1944 when continually fighting without much help had left our army exhausted, etc, etc..

The constitution would be great apart from that huuuge typo wher it says "all men have the right to bear arms". It would have been more sane to say "All men have the right to arm bears".
But Bush has destroyed the country. He wanted oil so he invaded the middle east and turned out to be crap at invading and he didn't bring the soldiers back since he ccouldn't find enough oil, 65% of Americans are overweight, 33% are obese, the healthcare system is awful, the education system allows ignorant patriots to teach, they "bravely defend their country" by bombing small nations and the country is in tatters.

Most Americans are good people but the idiots control the government and the media and the country is becoming increasingly crappy.
Idiot American: My fellow Americans, I will gladly bomb Mecca to erase this filth from the USA

Fat idiot American: Yeah! Let's all bomb small countries!

Sane americans: stfu stupid pig
by Fat Fee June 21, 2010
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