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A glorified pawn shop for video games. The only place where you can buy a game in poor condition for more than it's worth. If you trade in a whole bag of games, you'll be lucky to get $5.00.
Don't buy games from EBgames, support your local gaming store.
by Fat Chick Thrilla February 11, 2008
ECW, or Extreme Championship Wrestling was a revolutionary american wrestling promotion. Notorious for its rowdy, die hard fans and willingness to push the envelop with story-lines and what could be done with wrestling...

However, due to constant money issues(Which haunted the company since it inception) ECW had to close in 2001...

Now Vinnie Mac who owns WWE decided to bring it back, and now you have a promotion thats a shadow of its former self.
Vince Macmahn thinks that he knows what the original ECW was all about, but sadly he is mistaken.

I dont want any WWECW or as I like to call it Entertainment Championship Wrestling, give me the original EXTREME Champonship Wrestling.

R.I.P. ECW(the real one) 1994-2001
by Fat Chick Thrilla March 13, 2008
A revolutionary Japanese wrestling promotion. One of the first promotions with "Deathmatches" (Extremely violent wrestling matches, usually involving lots of weapons and blood). The promotion closed down shortly after there main star Hayabusa (who in my opinion, is the best japanese wrestler ever) snapped his neck during a match, causing him to get paralyzed (However he gained a little control of his legs years later, so he can walk with the use of a cain).
Guy 1: Tokyopop released 14 different FMW dvd's, which one is your favorite?

Guy 2: Mine is "International Slaughterhouse: FMW VS ECW" 2 great promotion's dishing it out.
by Fat Chick Thrilla February 28, 2008

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