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This is the place in which a person will find themself after they have consumed so much alcohol, chronic or other mind-altering substances that anything and everything that comes out of their mouth will be completely and utterly unintelligible.
That cretin just chugged 2 pints of MD/20-20 and he will be deep in the "mumbletank" for the foreseeable future.
by FastEddie, KOS May 01, 2009
A hideous, 1970's-scientific-calculator-on-the-belt-throwback, electronic contraption that was invented by cellar-dwelling, booger-rolling, ass-monkeys in the early 21st century in Canada (eh??). This device is often used by dimwitted, masturbation-addicted technosexuals to festoon their belts, along with 3-4 additional paging devices as a modern symbol of socio-economic importance. Or shall we say, impotence?
Nerd: Dude, can I borrow your Dorkberry?

Dweeb: What for? I am waiting for an important text from my posse at the Lost in Space Convention!

Nerd: But I need to Google the closest location to find a contractor who specializes in "anal extraction".

Dweeb: Huh?

Nerd: I got carried away listening to SirMixalot's "I Like Big Butts" on my iPhone, and my iPhone got lodged in my anus.

Dweeb: OK, you can use my Dorkberry
by FastEddie, KOS May 02, 2009
This is the nirvana-state in which the fawning Obamanoids reside when there are no equipment failures and the savior can actually come off as if he has any idea what the hell he is talking about.
Dude, I just listened to Obama speak for 26 minutes on the "overseas contingency". There was zero substance, and no pregnant pauses. Plus, he never blurted out a single "uhhhh", and he was teleprompterrific.
by FastEddie, KOS May 02, 2009

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