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A pitch black pussy...
Mr.Gay: And hence forth the akkadians were the most powerfull civilistation for another....
Derek (whispering): whats a hentce?
Akad: Dumbass!
Fasass (cooly): A hentce is a black pussy a pitch black pussy!
Derek: No way!
Akad: Yea LMAO...


Akad: "Dude would you hit that hentce?"
Fassass: "nah i woudnt fuck if she was the last hentce"
Derek: I would fuck that hentce. ive totally got a dick for her...
by Fasal Ahad December 04, 2006
When your partner sits on the computer keyboard while giving you oral sex and shits on your computer.
Oh dude your mom left the worst shit stained keyboard last night.
by Fasal Ahad November 09, 2006
While intercourse the energy is so massive that it causes the pubic hairs on your body to stand up in a wonderful burst of energy and joy!! and you are able to fuck the shit out of your partner =)
OHhhh BABY your giving me amazing PUBIC ENERGY right now!!!!
by Fasal Ahad November 09, 2006
While performing anal sex the female partner shits on a mans penis and forms a shit encrusted barrier that enforces the penis, when the shit dries on the mega penis the woman may decide to either eat the shit off her partners cock or kill him.
OH dude your mom gave me the worst Chocolate bannana last night!
DUDE did she it!!?!?!
by Fasal Ahad November 09, 2006
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