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1. (n) A lewd, vulgar crustacean-humanoid creature sent to destroy the Power Rangers, with the help of the Power Ranger doppelgangers known as The Grayside Gang. Hails from 25th and Broadway, and will repeatedly tell you so, until death. Wields a Long John Silver sword, and makes several references to sexual maneuvers during combat.

2. (n) Any person devoid of manners and etiquette, who likes to run their mouth and talk about potential sexual acts openly.
"Bitch, you better get your motherfuckin' mind right, I go by the name of GANGSTA CRIZZAB, and me and the Grayside Gang gonna fuck y'all in the ass!"

"Did that fucknuckle just talk about trying to do an alligator fuck house with that lady? Someone tell Gangsta Crizzab to go back to finishing school."
by FartNoises November 30, 2009

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