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Meaning great, awesome, wonderful, fabulous, bitchen, neat etc.
From the advertisement tag line “Every thing is great when it sits on a Ritz”
And what is greater than tits? Not much!
Look at that car, it's tits on a Ritz
by Farsidefan February 02, 2009
Jonas Grumby The "Skipper" from Gilligan's Island. Few people know what the Skippers name was. Played by Alan Hale, Jr. from 1964 to 1967 one of the "seven stranded castaways" from the ill-fated S.S. Minnow
stranded on an uncharted island on the Pacific following a storm.
Gilligan: "Skipper"
Skipper: "Yea little buddy"
Gilligan: "The radio said Jonas Grumby sank the Minnow, that's you"
Skipper: "Yes I know thats me Jonas Grumby, The "Skipper".
by Farsidefan February 14, 2009
A dismissal as in go away, get lost, fuck off or fuck you.
You dont like me? Chomp Dick!
by Farsidefan February 09, 2009
Known as “Music’s Biggest Night”. Recording industry awards started in 1959 to honor music artist who at that time had little way of receiving recognition.
On May 4, the 1st Annual GRAMMY Awards dinner presentations (for 1958 releases) are simultaneously held in two locations, the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., and the Park Sheraton Hotel in New York City. There are 28 original award categories. As of 2009 now has 31 fields or categories covering all genres of music and technical portions such as production, arrangement etc. These may be further broken down by Best Male, Best Female, Best Solo, Best Duet, Best Group Etc.

Past notable winners Range from Frank Sinatra to Bruce Springsteen “Film/TV/Video” , Alicia Keys to Usher “R&B”, Amy Winehouse, to Perry Como for “Pop”, Eagles to Bob Dylan “Rock”, Coolio to Jay Z “Rap”, even the then Senator Barack Obama 2005 “Spoken Word” category for “Dreams From My Father” and again in 2007 for “The Audacity Of Hope”.
The tropy resembles a small, gilded gramophone (of the 1920's)statuette.
Did you see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won a Grammy for "Gone, Gone, Gone."
by Farsidefan February 09, 2009

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