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Hot Asian chick seen regularly gambling alone at a casino for great lengths of time. Upon seeing her often at your table,you develop camaraderie with her and soon fall in love because of the rush of gambling and she's hot.
Mr. X: I use to go to Atlantic City every weekend and this chick would be there every time. She'd root for anyone seated near her at the blackjack table. Pretty soon whenever I saw her I thought, "Mrs. X." She was pai gao.
by Farmz October 03, 2007
A true, genetic lesbian, but you can't tell upon first meeting her. Important to identify because you will never get the pussy. Usually enjoys and takes advantage of the fact that dudes dig her. Hence all the maritime mythology.
Man, I was head over heels for this girl. It took me a while to realize she was a mermaid.
by Farmz October 03, 2007

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