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The tendency of drunken men who eat excessively spicy foods (etc. Suicide Ghost Wings), then proceed to the urinal and touch their penis before washing their hands, thus causing a burning sensation for an extended period of time.
Guy- "Wow my dick burns, screw peeing after habanero wings"

Girl- "You did it again? didn't we warn you? You must have Stupid Penis Syndrome!"
by Farmington January 14, 2011
1. Dead Jew
2. Bottom of the social chain. below the wiggers and the gays
3. a scapegoat for everything
4. one who thinks everyone hates him.
5. One who everyone hates
6. A pest that will attach himself to a group and/or single person and not realize he is unwanted.
"that wasn't me that was vandra"

"Vandra you stupid jew get over here"

"aw shit here comes vandra again"
by Farmington May 05, 2007

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