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An IBitch is a person who constantly shows off his/her Ipod, and most importantly, tries to get everybody else to buy one, and bitch about them if they refuse...
IBitch: "Hey Jimmy, Check out my new 120GB Video Ipod! Its awesome! Why don't you have one? You should definately go get one! Its only 500$ what are you waiting for? Come on... Join the sensation"

Poor Jimmy: "I can't afford it, god damn you! Quit being such an IBitch!"
by Farligt Kat June 20, 2007
Danish/worldwide slangterm for a very upright boy, raised on a farm in the country by a strict dad.
Gylfan, for fa'en!... (in english: God damn you, Gylfan)
by Farligt Kat June 20, 2007

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