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This expression is used in two cases.

1- If you try to help an old lady at a grocery store.

2- If someone asks you who is your favorite artist and you say Glee
1- You: Hello Ma'm. Let me help you with those groceries.

Nice Old Woman: Oh thank you son. Snapples my apples.

You: Shut up bitch. (Punch in the face)

2- Dude1: Hey, dude, who are you listening to?

Dude2: Glee is singing, duh

Dude1: Snapples my apples!!

Dude2: Thanks homie
#glee #singing #old lady. homie #groceries #nice #douche
by Fargas111 December 04, 2010
The stage name of singer Ke$ha. Or her actual birth name
Guy1: Is that Ke$ha on stage singing about her vajayjay?
Guy2: LULZ @ U. Her name is Makyash
#kesha #ke$ha #tik tok #vagina #blonde
by Fargas111 December 04, 2010
The name Lady Gaga likes to be called with. She will rip your head off if you call her any other name. Germanotta may pass though.
Girl Monster: ZOYG!!! Lady G is on Stage. I love you Gaga
Lady Magyag: (Slap) What did you call me biatch?
Girl Monster: (Quivering) Sorry... Lady Gaga
Girl Monster: (Runs off crying)
Lady Magyag: LULZ
#lady gaga #monster #germanotta #pop princess #bitch
by Fargas111 December 04, 2010
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