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1. Russian vampire that function during daylight hours. Eats children then their parents. Said to be the most vicious vampire.
2. A slang term for someone who has sex with a girl and then has sex with her mother, a mother f*cker
1. The upir ate jim, then his parents.

2. Jim is a real upir. He had sex with shelly, then her mom.
by Farenheights October 12, 2004
1. the place where criminals are confined

2. the place where all you do is toss the salad

3. The place where you'll be grateful when someone kills you with an icepick that's made out of a sharpened tooth brush.
1. Lock his ass up! Put him in Jail!

2. Nighty night! Keep your bung hole tight!

3. Let me out of this hell hole!
by Farenheights October 13, 2004
1. The funky sound generated by advanced slapping techniques on a basss guitar. Made awesome by Flea, the Red Hot Chili Peppers bass guitarist.

2. Funky ass bass riff
1. Add a little lust to the funky ass flea bass.

2. Lay down some of that funky ass flea bass.
by farenheights April 20, 2005
1) During said rise of Eastern orthodox church, icons, or holy images, were venerated. Iconoclaste means "image breaker" these people didnt support veneration of icons

2) that one killer part of that song Tarkus
1) The Iconoclastic bastard broke the statue of Jesus in my front lawn!

2) I like the "Iconoclaste" segment of Tarkus

see tarkus
by Farenheights March 29, 2005
1. The person you pwned

2. The people that come with the land in the fuedal system.

2. Pyoter: I own this land.
Fedya: Then you must own the people Pyoter.
Pyoter: Quit true, they are my serfs.
by Farenheights July 21, 2005
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