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A word that's not in the dictionary, but totally made up by some random guy's crazy imagination so maybe, just maybe he's word will get in the "urbandictionary word of the day".
Dude1 : Dude, those "word of the day" words I get in my mail are so fecking funny...
Dude2 : Yeah I know dude!
Dude1 : I'm gonna make up my own word and submit it, maybe it's getting in the "word of the day"!
Dude2 : Dude, you'r going to make up an imagiword?
by Farbror Fazer August 26, 2007
Elefantbössan is the Swedish nickname for the AWP. Elefant bössa = Elephant rifle
Y4Y! I pwn with teh elefantbössa n0sc0pe!

Y4Y Jag äger med elefantbössan n0sc0pe!
by Farbror Fazer June 12, 2007
Campzz0r : See Camper
Feckin campzz0r n00b! stop camping with teh glock!
by Farbror Fazer June 12, 2007
The swedish nickname of TMP, because of its sound.
On english : Myggan is teh w34p0n for sneaky campzz0rs

On Swedish : Myggan är vapnet för smygiga campzz0rs
by Farbror Fazer June 12, 2007
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