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The need to get to a hockey game quickly.
Person 1: Want to come over and stay up all night eating cheetos and playing CODMW 2?

Person 2: Nah, I've got to hustle to hockey.
by FarTop April 08, 2010
Cool and unique at the same time; unheard of yet popular.
Person 1: Have you heard of that band, (2fsc78{ dc!"D?)?
Person 2: Yes, they're very very hip and fresh.
by FarTop April 08, 2010
When someone gets to a video on Youtube so early that there are no views listed, and being the witty bastards they are, write "0th" as the first comment.
DavieJonesCasserole124: Aah! My constant scouring of Youtube has finally led me to an unviewed video! Now I can leave my historic mark upon this momentous occasion: "0th!".
by FarTop June 23, 2011

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