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3 definitions by Fapking

A person who has no balls. Can also be used as an adjective in the form of "nobesy".
That nobes thinks he's tight with the head cheerleader. That game last night was nobesy.
by Fapking October 28, 2011
The act of taking a dump and then masturbating.
Greg, "Hey John you wanna hang today?"

John, "Yea man, I'll be over as soon as I do a quick Crap N' Fap"
by Fapking October 30, 2011
The act of covering one's naked self in Vaseline or petroleum jelly and slithering around the room with one or more other partners.
John: Eh you busy bro?

Jacob: Yea sort of

John: Oh, well I was wondering if you wanted play some Slugs later

Jacob: Be over in a minute
by Fapking January 21, 2012