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3 definitions by FapinaDerpina

During sex, a woman releases a decent sized puddle unto the man and/or sheets. This is not urine.
Dammit honey, you are puddling all over me!

Need to wash these sheets again, my girlfriend puddled last night.

I'm gonna fuck you so good that I make you puddle!
by FapinaDerpina June 28, 2012
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When you engage in butt sex and the air gets shoved up your rectum and you get bloated to the effect of feeling pregnant.
Oh honey, you certainly did give me an air baby last night! I feel like I'm about to deliver!
by FapinaDerpina June 28, 2012
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When you are either starting or ending your period and your lady juice looks like melted chocolate.
Oh jeez, I need to wear an extra pad today, I seem to be chocolating!

Oh we can have sex babe, but I'm still chocolating :-(

Dammit! I'm chocolating and just ruined my favorite pair of white panties!
by FapinaDerpina June 28, 2012
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