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Maryland its better than Philly, New york and stinking new jersey. We don't speak with dirty accents. Our attitudes are straightforward we don't dance around any subjects. Were not like those crazy ass people from DC and those boring ass people from VA. We got swagger and we show it. You know your in Maryland when you cracking open some crabs and drinking a beer. We know how to chill. We drive with our windows down and music blaring. We are straight up from LANDOVER HILLS to BOWIE.\. I-95 to 495 to 695. Don't come up in Maryland acting all ghetto and boogie cuz this ain't new jersey. We know how to party. So put yo stunner shades on and Welcome to Maryland.
Newjeresier: Omg henry I don't think were in Jeresy nomore!!!
Marylander: hell naw, Shut the hell up.

Virginiaer: Oh Martha! I think we just crossed the Potomac into MARYLAND!!
Maryland: Shut the hell up.
by Fantasia Butuka November 25, 2009

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