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Chalis: A cup or bowl highly decorated with jewels or precious metals. A desirable object

Poisoned Chalis: A prize that has had its lustre taken from it by an act or situation that makes recieving the prize much less palatable.

Poisoned Chalis: A lesbian that turns down your offer of sex but wants to remain friends.
The offer of a job as The English Football Team manager was a poisoned chalis. He realised that it was footballs prize but he hadnt realised the press corp hated him so much.

Oh man look at her she's beautiful. I get a boner whenever she walks past but she's as lezzer as they come mate! I want to be her friend but I know she will never shag me - thats what I call a poisoned chalis.
by Fanny Wazzocks Cookbook October 04, 2007
Bad Egg gives off a pungent smell, and is inedible.
In urban terms, Bad Egg, is similar to Bullshit except that Bad Egg definitely leads to violence or tension, whereas bullshit may be overlooked.
Oh he just called me and was just trying to feed me Bad Egg. I coulda took his bullshit but I aint eating Bad Egg. Telling me he was so drunk he thought it was me - shit do I look like I been smacked in the face a few times like she does? I will tear his face off when I see that skunk.
by Fanny Wazzocks Cookbook October 04, 2007
A Brazilian is a shaved female sex. Totally shaven, or sometimes leaving a thin line of hair up each labial lip, to give a good bikini line.

A Brazilian Scuba Diver is anyone that likes to practice oral sex with a female that has a Brazilian cut. Someone who relishes the thought of sexual activity involving a shaved, or otherwise hairless, vagina.
Man, with a bikini line like that she must be going out with a Brazilian Scuba Diver.

Man when I see a piece of Brazilian coastline like hers I gotta big urge to ask her up front if she wants me to dive in and explore her depths
by Fanny Wazzocks Cookbook October 04, 2007

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