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The best con man that ever lived. Created his own religion based on ideas he borrowed (stole) from an unpublished novel and the mason sect. Established a devoted flock of religious followers while remarkably continuing his snake oil ways until the day he was killed. The man is now a saint and founder of the Mormon church.
Ken Delay is a loser. He made lots of money, but got busted in his own lifetime and will always be a loser. Joseph Smith, however, created his own reality making the rules and then changing the rules to suit his mood. Joseph Smith is a saint.
by Fanny Alger August 10, 2005
A book by the same title. A true story of the police investigation of Mark Hoffman, a bomb murderer and professional forgerer and member of the Mormon Church. Hoffman entertained himself by finding documents to embarass the Morman Church and nearly exposed the vast Mormon enterprise for the fraud that it is. This book explains in great detail the involvement of church hierarchy in this cover up.
Man, I posted this definition of Mormon Murders on Urban Dictionary and the Mormon thought police had it removed within a week. Lets see if this one makes it any longer.
by Fanny Alger August 01, 2005

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