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2 definitions by Fannie P. Acker

Pronounced "you-NEED-a," it is diarrhea so explosive that it splatters the applicable toilet and, in severe cases, surrounding fixtures and walls.
"Someone uneidaed one of the men's room stalls. I'm never shopping at this Target again!"
by Fannie P. Acker September 26, 2007
52 4
Creating a diversion; successfully distracting a large number of people, perhaps an entire population, from more important issues by throwing a bullshit sideshow.
A six-year-old boy named Falcon and his attention-whore family successfully tricked the nation's major media outlets into airing hours of distractions from more pressing issues, such as health care reform, because they thought he might be inside a balloon in midair and be in danger of plunging to his untimely death. One could argue that whereas someone should have 'falcon punched' his mother, instead this complicit little lad 'Falcon punched' the nation. Also see: Runaway Bride
by Fannie P. Acker October 15, 2009
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