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Engaging in coitus and after the first ejaculation, continuing with the same hard-on until a second spilling of the love beans.
'My God' guffawed Mary at the Golf Club lunch, 'Roger was rampant last night, he managed to fuck me twice off the same hard'
#fuck #twice #hard #cumming #cum
by fanimani April 11, 2009
Spunk, cum, the hot steaming load!
Mary was indecisive what to have for starters at the restaraunt... After peering down her ample cleavage the Waiter cleared his throat and enquired ''Would madam care for a healthy portion of Cream of nut soup?''
#spunk #cum #jizz #load #sperm
by Fanimani April 19, 2009
The male ejaculate, the semen, the man-porridge, cum, spunk
Lorraine Kelly is so sexy on Breakfast TV with that well spread cleavage... I had no choice but to tug the head off of my Old Man and spill my 'Love Beans' all over the carpet!
#spunk #cum #lorraine #kelly #tits #cleavage
by fanimani April 12, 2009
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