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The duck walk is the traditional act of a whore ( not worthy of a towel or nut rag) whom is forced to walk bent over to the bathroom with Spooge / Nut running down the small of her back. The duck walk gives a man a humerous moment of triumph while watching such a degrading walk of shame. The duck walk was established in the 1800's by a brother of Phi Delta Theta at the Auburn University Chapter; and has spread from east to west coast due to its popularity. 2019
"Hey Billy you should of seen the look on that dirty whore's face when I made her do the duck walk."

"That nasty bitch was not worthy of my towel so I pointed towards the bathroom and stated: Do the duck walk you skank bitch; and thanks for the meaningful one-night stand.
by Fancy Ladd May 17, 2006

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