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Probably the WORST place to end up at for high school. The school itself is located in a rich neighborhood, so what it does with all the money it brings in? NO IDEA. But it isn't spent on anything useful. The faculty there are more concerned about STAR testing results than anything else, and so they make sure to actually be there for the month of May. The school has the California Distinguished School Award, whatever the fuck that is? All the teachers care about is how the school looks to the state. Other than that, the students get to sit around and act like the fake people they are. This does apply to everyone at the school. The guys are either "jocks" (But CHS doesn't have any actual jocks because the school sucks at every sport alive, so just cocky kids who think they can do anything athletically)"ganstas" (Right, like you can be a G living in Calabasas, they are the worst) or "indie" (Kids who THINK there above Calabasas and try to act like city kids, while this just shows everyone how fake they are) The girls are all hoes, even if they try to hide it. They just want an excuse to take their shirts off. So they go to their little parties, get wasted and jump on the closest guy. At least most of the girls will admit to being Calabasas, so there not as fake. These girls are mostly Jewish princesses who wear expensive clothes and drive around with their friends in nice cars and all think they're "indie photographers." FYI: Just because you can afford nice stuff doesnt mean your any good at it. Walking onto Calabasas High, be prepared for students everywhere to tell you that they have a Nikon and their a photographer, or that they have Adobe Programs and their an editor. Both the girls and guys think there so hot, which is the main reason all Calabasas parties suck. The girls think their better than the guys, and the guys dont care what the girls think about them. So little actually goes down at the school, everyone obsesses over the little things. And word travels beyond faster at that school, because everyone needs their moment in the spotlight. Its a ridiculous school that would probably kill anyone not from Calabasas. It's just a stuck up rich public school filled with egotistical fake kids.
What are you doing tonight?
-Driving down to Encino, I am not going to another stupid Calabasas party.

What is up with that girl?
-Oh, she's just from Calabasas High School.

God those kids think their so "indie" but there just annoying as fuck, who are they?
-Eh, just some Calabasas High School kids who had the money to pay for Coachella tickets and not know any of the bands.
by FanBoy135 June 20, 2009

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