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Schizofriendia : Schizo (mind) friend (body) ia (is accepted). An individual who has been diagnosed with the brain disease Schizophrenia. One who has found or is searching for a friend in a world that accepts them for who they are and not because they have Schizophrenia.
Schizofriendia : The word Schizofriendia was created as a multi dimensional word by James who is a life time Psychology student, Teacher, Inventor and also suffers from the Brain Disease Schizophrenia. The word Schizofriendia would be very easy to derive by taking the word Phren in Schizophrenia and replacing it with the similar sounding friend. Though it wasn't so simple making the word Schizofriendia in his words. Never understanding what was truly wrong in my mind. The constant paranoia, delusions, hallucinations and the separation from the world and reality caused the total feeling of non acceptance. The word Schizofriendia is actually three separated parts.Shizo - FRIEND - ia. The word Schizo is a partial word involved in a mental separation. Which he attributed "Schizo" to the MIND. Then the word "Friend" meaning a person which one knows and who is very fond of. That of a "true" friend exists outside the mind. Although through other illnesses and treumatic hapenings, created friends can get you through some very hard times, Especially the times when isolated or alone. Having Schizophrenia keeps you inside your mind to often though. The most important key to having hope and finding happiness is supportive friends and family. One who didn't exist in the mind he concluded that was the BODY. Now the remaining letters, "ia" that were left in the word he then abbreviated them as "Is Accepted ." Being accepted is the one true quest that he always strove for. Being accepted in life and accepting people for their faults. Ultimately Schizophrenia would be accepted by a world and a person with Schizophrenia could ultimately trust, then soon after create meaningful friendships. He noted. "I feel in my SOUL I will someday be accepted." In conclusion studying what he calls the multi dimensional word Schizofriendia. It simply says, we all need a friend. It is his creation of MIND, BODY and SOUL. Though the word itself is three parts. Schizo (mind) friend (body) ia (is accepted). " Someday when all the pieces can be placed together, I will then be complete."
by Falling Cinderella November 09, 2007

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