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Medical term that literally means "brainless". Often used to confuse complete idiots who think they're smart.
"Quit acting like such a fool you pompous narcissistic anencephalic moron!"
by Fallie the Pally March 18, 2010
An emoticon used in chat rooms or online role-playing games. It implies silly mischief or naughty thoughts.
World of Warcraft player 1: Do you want to go pwn some noobs in battlegrounds?

World of Warcraft player 2: >:-D
by Fallie the Pally March 14, 2010
Theoritically the worst possible natural disaster that could ever occur, a hurricane and earthquake happening simultaneously. To date, it has not happened yet. If and when it does happen, it'll most likely be a sign of impending Apocalypse.
"The wind is blowing super hard and the earth is shaking, it must be a hurriquake!"
by Fallie the Pally March 13, 2010
A more endearing and silly term used in place of the word "guildies" (as in World of Warcraft guilds or other MMORPG guilds). Not widely known of or used at this point. The word implies that your guildies are huggable and you love them. Ironically, the word seems to have been modified from the word "haxxor", which by no means has anything in common with a huggzor.
MMORPG player in guild chat upon logging in to game:
"Hi, huggzors! Ready to do some raiding?"
by Fallie the Pally March 13, 2010
A man with a hairy belly who also suffers from Dunlap disease, which is when the large belly girth spills out over the belt. Theoretically, this can also happen to a woman, but because women are less likely to have hairy bellies, it most predominantly affects men. Usually when a female has this condition, it is more evenly spread around the waist, causing a roll of fat all around the top of the pants that is commonly referred to as a "muffin top".
"I wish the neighbor dude would wear a t-shirt when he mows the lawn. No one wants to see that fuzzy tire."
by Fallie the Pally March 18, 2010
Men who appear to have an intense hatred of anything Cullen--the Cullen family, Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, or even just sexy pale men. In actuality, they really are just insanely jealous of the Cullens and are trying to distract you from the truth by hating on them.
"I bought the Edward Cullen Barbie doll, but my husband ganked it out from under my arm while I was sleeping and burned it in our chiminea. I think he has Cullen envy."
by Fallie the Pally March 13, 2010
People who play the ridiculous, immature game called Farmville, which is popular on Facebook. These people will often tease you for liking your game of choice if it's not Farmville (such as something more entertaining and hardcore, like World of Warcraft).
"I need to get home and tend to my cows on Farmville like all my fellow Farmheads on Facebook!"

World of Warcraft player:
"Well, I need to get home and kill cows (tauren) in battlegrounds! So shut up, I'll pwn you noob!"
by Fallie the Pally March 13, 2010
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