11 definitions by Falken

Sexual - To place one's hand or fist into a vagina for pleasure.
OH MY GAWD!!!! First me some more you man whore!
by Falken January 16, 2003
Something most people don't understand.
It's called a condom.
My whores and I practise safe sex. I don't wanna get second-hand shpongle on me.
by Falken January 17, 2003
Me. I am Falken.
Falken is a man. A man with a plan. The plan to define every word in here. I didn't say it was a good plan. Fuck you.
by Falken January 17, 2003
The fluid that comes out of your dick when you take a piss right after jizzing. A mixture of piss and cum.
I pulled out of my girl and went to send a stream into the bowl and this weird lookin shpongle came out.
by Falken January 16, 2003

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