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2 definitions by FalconBravo

1) of or relating to a total FUBAR or SNAFU
1B) of or relating to a protagonist's critical flaw that causes his downfall; commonly used in Greek Tragedy
2) adj.; Craptastic; screwed-over;
1) The Titanic was a tragic failure; just like the British to make the best ship on the planet and lose it two weeks later.
2)Odysseus' tragic flaw was the fact that he was the wrong person in the wrong position in the wrong place at the wrong time and that the gods hated his ass.
2)My life has been one tragic stumble since I lost the presidential election in 2000.
by FalconBravo July 31, 2003
Generally used in the military. Weird Army and Marine people will say that it is "ahooha", "hoora", or something similar, but the correct, historical pronunciation is "hooah".

Anything and everything positive. Also used as an affirmative response to a question.
"Free beer!"
by FalconBravo March 09, 2003