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When you say one little thing to someone and it gets twisted so much that by the time it comes back around it is a load of bullshit.
Me: That girl needs to learn some manners.
gossip: I hear that.

1 Week later

Derp: Why have you been calling me a slut, bitch bitch bitch bitch.

Me: woah That was a real Bullshit boomerang.
by Fairydurt October 24, 2011
Someone who even though they are not physically with will dictate your day using a phone calls.
Boss: I'm not in today I'll be working from home.
Me:(yeees) OK I will speak to you tomorrow.
Phone rings 2 minutes later
Boss: Are you ok.
Me: Yes Fine.
Boss: Well you'd better start cleaning.
Me: (grr) Ok
10 Minutes later phone call
Boss: What are you doing are you ok.
Me: YES I am doing what you asked.
Until 37 phone calls later on in the day.
Boss: Are you ok.
Me: You may as well of come to work.

Boss: Why you seem to cope well with out me.

Me: You are an evil Phone dictator.
by Fairydurt August 05, 2011

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