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suffix that can be written after the following word of the popular typo of 'the' that is 'teh'. Often used by people who like to make fun of those who think they are 1337 (leet, aka gay).

ors may be added to the end of a word that already ends in a z or an x.
People who say 'pwn' are teh lamezors.

"I'm a 1337 H4x0rs!!1!!11!1"
"You're also huge fagzors."
by Fagpie McBottoms September 03, 2006
verb- to steal or to take from a bitch; to burgle.

noun- stuff, thing(s), shit.
Dude, you janxed my chair. (verb)
That nigga janxed my bike. (verb)

What the hell? Where's my janx? (noun)
That nigga stole my janx. (noun)

That nigga janxed my janx. (verb and noun)
by Fagpie McBottoms September 03, 2006

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