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What you type into an IM window when you don't want to talk to that person anymore. After typing, you simply don't talk to them anymore. Thus you are spared from their company and they are not offended.
"omg dn't u just luv star wars episode 2?!!1!?"
"ok lol!"
#g2g #aim #im #annoying #andrew latta
by Faggoty Ramone June 04, 2007
(noun): Combination of crap and crud, means crappy or cruddy, or just bad in general.
"I had such a crad day today"
"That test was so crad"
"Why are you being so craddy today?"
#crap #crud #crappy #cruddy #cradular
by Faggoty Ramone June 04, 2007
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