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A scene poser, who thinks she's awesome because she whores around on youtube and makes fake accounts, and subscribes herself. She thinks she has millions of fans, but they all secretly hate her and are all annoyed by her videos. She made a video claiming that she was beat up by an "obsessed youtube fan" then said that she was suing every person on youtube for cyber bulling, but all of youtube knew she was lying. She said she was leaving youtube for good, but she obviously came back. Oh joy. Lee Lightning is back. She states she is a nice person, but she definitely is not. I have had experience talking to to her and so have many other people who make hate videos.
Lee Lightning
stupid ugly whore. your NOT pretty. stop´╗┐ trying to be. and oh lee copying you? haha YEAH RIGHT. more like other fucking way aroun you cunt

Isn't she so NICE?
by Faggawt April 29, 2009

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