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Origin: Felix Baumgartner (Fearless Felix) - sky-diver, 14 October 2012 he sky-dived from 128000ft, reaching 834 mph (Mach 1.24) in the process.

Meaning: To have the balls to do something completely insane (and way past anything seen before).

Way past dangerous, stupid, legendary, awesome, cool and/or idiotic

(This is most likely something that someone else would never consider or even dream of doing).

Context: To be a Baumgartner
Tim: John is a bit of a Baumgartner when it comes to climbing.

Matt: Yeah! I wouldn't climb that vertical cliff even if I was paid, he's got some balls.

Ben: Billy is too much of a Baumgartner on a bike for my liking.

Phil: Yeah, his BMX stunts are too dangerous.
by Fadum From The Forest October 15, 2012

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