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1 definition by Fadiekay

What an immature male does shortly before losing is girlfriend or wife. Sometimes, boys get out of line in their dealings with you (cursing at you, cheatin on you, spendin your money, etc) and think they can control you. When this happens and you try to tell them about it they will sometimes check that bitch, which means either verbally or physically assaulting a woman they allegedly care about. This behavior can often lead to boys never becoming men, continuing to live at home with their mommas and remaining virgins forever.
(How a boy will try to "Check a bitch" and the appropriate response)

Boy: Bitch you need to shut the fuck up. I don't know who you think you are but the man is talking right now and you don't ever speak to me like that ya hear?

Real Woman: Motherfucker, you need your punk ass the fuck up out of here and get a J-O-B, or don't be bothering to come back.
by Fadiekay August 15, 2011