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A beautiful, hot, sweet, caring lady. she attracts A LOT of men. She is optimistic and always positive. Very funny too, she can cheer you up when your down. A lot of people are jealous of her. Shes the type of person you can depend on. Trust her. She can follow through on almost anything. She's always determined and confident. and tends to be just a little loud at times. She likes for her voice to be heard. So listen. she has a lot of common sense and great advice. But sometimes she can't listen to herself and gets confused. She just needs time and amazing friends to help her. be patient. she is artistic and creative. Also daring too. Ask her to do anything and she will most likely do it. She's not shy at all. She's fun, outgoing and perfect. Go for her. And once you got her. Never let her go.
Girl: No one will ever like me!

Jennifer: Don't worry God is saving someone special just for you.

Girl: Really? You just made my day!

Jennifer: Why thank you just acting like my normal Jennifer self. :)
by FabulousDueces June 15, 2011

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