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2 definitions by Fabu Nelly

Physical reaction due to uncontrollable delight at the prospect of homemaker-related activities.
You're coming to visit next month? OMG we must have a mixer, a dinner party and I will make roast beef, rice, apple pie and I shall have all our friends over and have drinks. Your guest room will have amazing bedsheets, new pillow and decor and it will all be spotless! I just had a breerection!!!!
by Fabu Nelly March 30, 2009
Men of the "bigger" persuasion(i.e. bears, cubs, etc) who's fashion sense resembles that of a twink.
"Hey, look at that bink, he's wearing abercrombie uber-tight shirts, doesnt he realize he's fat?"
by Fabu Nelly March 31, 2009