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A great, beautiful country with great people and great food. The Italians are often looked down upon by wankers such as archi and other ignorant bastards that think they are better than the ities even though they probably eat italian food on a daily basis like most people in the world. The Italians are often looked down upon by their involvement with the axis in the second world war but most people seem to ignore the fact that during Mussolini's dictatorship and friendship with Hitler, there was a group of proud Italian civilians and military deserters that fought heavily against fascist groups. In fact you could say that whilst the British Americans and Russians were fighting in Germany, the Italians were fighting their own civil war on their own turf against a wrong reigime. Italy is a great country but full of social problems. Some members of the government are part of fascist parties or involved with Italian organised crime. There is a very strong 'divario' in Italy with the constant fight between communists, fascists/nazi supporters, anarchists and pacifists.
Italy, although a beautiful and very well known country with maybe the hottest girls on the planet, is still very poor and is considered to be a european 'third world country' with a government that very recently failed.
Oh and another thing, if you ever go to Italy or meet an Italian, don't piss them off beacause they are a very proud nation with very strong feelings for their nationality. I know this very well seeing as I am an Itie myself
Who conquered half the world and kept hold of it for hundreds of years? The Italians
Which country almost overthrew a fascist reigime without the help of the Americans and British? Oh yeah the Italians
Which country makes the best food? Italy
Which country has the nicest most good looking and fittest girls in the world? Italy
Which is the nationality which everyone wants to be? Italian or Irish
Italians are the best
by Fabio, Forza Roma April 11, 2008

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