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A girl who masturbates more than once a day consistently.
"I asked my girlfriend how often she masturbates, turns out she's a Wet Shelby."
by fabian_6969 December 19, 2006
When you see a guy with his hand in his pocket jerking violently with a spacey look in his eyes, he is most likely masturbating through his pocket. Other wise known as "mitching off"
The man was so bored while at the business meeting, he proceeded to mitch off under the table.
by Fabian_6969 April 17, 2007
A guy who can't 'get it up.' Or goes limp during the act.
"That Dry Steven is going to have to get some viagra."
by Fabian_6969 April 17, 2007
Shaking hands with, or other otherwise touching, an unsuspecting person directly after you have masturbated and gotten it on your hands. Cum may be rustified, or still wet.
"Dude, I so gave your mom a sticky benjamin yesterday."


"Don't worry, it was a dry one.. she had no idea. But it was hot."
by Fabian_6969 April 17, 2007

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