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Be a man, do the right thing
Be a man, do the right thing
by Fabbyfubz December 18, 2006
A vague comeback your parents used when you were correct and they didn't have anything better to counteract.
"But, wouldn't it be smarter to-"
"Don't you talk back to me, young man"
by FabbyFuBz January 22, 2009
A drinking game. Every time you remember you're alive, you take a drink.
Fletcher: I don't think I did well on this last test, and I have three tests next week on the same day. Fuck my life.

Tyler: Might as well play Unbearable Life until you forget about it!
by FabbyFuBz January 12, 2011
Playstation Portable
If you want to learn more, use Wikipedia
Three words: Grand Theft Auto
Release date: 10/26

I'm typing this from my PSP. DS can't do that

Ah man, PSP doesnt have Touch Dic, I'm getting a DS now{sarcasm}
by Fabbyfubz September 13, 2005

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